NDC 2010

NDC 2010 was a huge success, if you ask me. This was largely down to the NDC team, who deserve all the praise they’re getting (and much more). Unlike conferences I’ve been to in the past, NDC was truely by the people, for the people. Scott Bellware put it much better than I could, with his praise for Norwegian Developers (and Kjersti Sandberg). Herself and the rest of the team were there because they wanted to be, not because they had to. The whole attitude surrounding this conference was one of learning, not plugging products or motives.

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Speaking engagements in 2010

In an attempt to get out of my shell more this year, I’ve taken up speaking (at conferences, not just in general). First came my Git E-VAN, then came Pablo’s Fiesta, so what else have I got lined up this year?

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Git E-VAN recording

Last monday (8th of Feb) I did an E-VAN on Git; an introductory talk on Git and DVCS, covering pretty much everything you need to know for day-to-day Git life. I think it went down well, certainly didn’t hear anyone complaining.

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Just a reminder that tonight I’ll be doing an E-VAN on Git tonight at 7pm GMT.

It’s going to be a pretty basic talk on what Git is (and indirectly what DVCS is), and a demo on how to use most of the features you’ll need daily. There might be some advanced talk at the end, depending on how well I time things.

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Git: Remotes, contributions, and the letter N

Here’s a few ways to think about Git and it’s distributed nature.

  • You deal with multiples of repositories, not a single central repository
  • Updates come from a remote repository, and changes are pushed to a remote; none of these repositories have to be the same
  • Origin is the canonical name for the repository you cloned from
  • Upstream is the canonical name for the original project repository you forked from
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