Speaking engagements in 2010

In an attempt to get out of my shell more this year, I’ve taken up speaking (at conferences, not just in general). First came my Git E-VAN, then came Pablo’s Fiesta, so what else have I got lined up this year?

24th April: Irish Open Spaces Coding Day II in Dublin, where I’ll be speaking about Fluent NHibernate.

16th-18th June: NDC 2010 in Oslo, speaking about Fluent NHibernate and DVCS with Git.

The abstracts for my talks can be found below. If you’re interested in hearing me speak, or know of any opportunities that you think I might be interested in, please drop me an email (james@jagregory.com).

Fluent NHibernate

An introduction and overview to object⁄relational mapping using Fluent NHibernate. See how Fluent NHibernate can help you map your domain with the least amount of effort, how you can remain flexible with your database, and how to drive your design through convention–over–configuration; all without writing a single line of XML.

The talk is an introduction to Fluent NHibernate for those that aren’t familiar with it, and assumes some NHibernate experience and is for .Net developers primarily. The goal is to show people how low–impact NHibernate can be with Fluent NHibernate, and how it can actually speed up development in rapid–change environments.

I’ll cover an overview of what Fluent NHibernate is, the various parts of it (the fluent interface, the conventions, and the auto–mappings, and the configuration aspect), then expand on how these features can be utilised to improve your NHibernate experience and simplify your development process.

Introduction to Git

An introduction to distributed version control using Git, and how your VCS should work with you and not against you. How DVCS can completely alter your development process, streamline it, and help you produce better software, faster. Covering how local repositories speed up your development, multiple authoritative sources, distributed teams, multiple workflows, and some of the more distinct features of Git. With experiences from an OSS team on how the migration from SVN to Git has helped the project and changed how the team works (Fluent NHibernate).