InfluxDB Kapacitor subscription errors

Post http://kapacitor.default:9092/write?consistency=&db=telegraf&precision=ns&rp=autogen: dial tcp: lookup kapacitor.default on no such host service=subscriber

If you’re seeing something like this error in your InfluxDB logs, and don’t know what it means: Kapacitor has created one or more subscriptions in your InfluxDB database, and InfluxDB is trying to POST to the Kapacitor endpoint; however, Kapacitor is unreachable. Kapacitor might be unreachable because it’s down, or you have a network partition or other connectivity issue, or in my case you’ve actually just destroyed your Kapacitor instance.

To fix this error, you need to remove the subscriptions; you can remove subscriptions by issuing a few commands to InfluxDB via your favourite interface (for me, it’s exec into a container and running the influx cli tool, but you can also use the API).

First, find the subscription(s) you need to remove.


name: telegraf
retention_policy name          mode destinations
---------------- ----          ---- ------------
autogen          kapacitor-abc ANY  [http://kapacitor.default:9092]

Then just drop the subscription (you might need to drop a few, if you have multiple databases).

DROP SUBSCRIPTION kapacitor-abc ON telegraf.autogen

The format of the command is: DROP SUBSCRIPTION <subscription> ON <database>.<retention_policy>.

That’s it, the error should stop occurring now. If you destroy a Kapacitor instance, remember to remove it’s subscriptions until there’s resolution on subscription cleanups.