InfluxDB Kapacitor subscription errors

Post http://kapacitor.default:9092/write?consistency=&db=telegraf&precision=ns&rp=autogen: dial tcp: lookup kapacitor.default on no such host service=subscriber

If you’re seeing something like this error in your InfluxDB logs, and don’t know what it means: Kapacitor has created one or more subscriptions in your InfluxDB database, and InfluxDB is trying to POST to the Kapacitor endpoint; however, Kapacitor is unreachable. Kapacitor might be unreachable because it’s down, or you have a network partition or other connectivity issue, or in my case you’ve actually just destroyed your Kapacitor instance.

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Docker container out of disk space

Are programs in your Docker container complaining of no free space?
Does your host have loads of space?
And your container does too?

It could be inode exhaustion!

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Sinopia: a private NPM registry

Not all of our packages can be pushed to the public NPM repository. Proprietary code and uninteresting code we want to keep internal, but until recently the package distribution story for this code has been worse than open-sourcing it. You either modularise it and publish to the world, or you have a bad time.

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My ever evolving development virtualisation situation

Over the past few years I’ve moved closer and closer to virtualising my entire development environment. It started with developing for Windows whilst using a Mac, continued when I refused to sully my machine with some godforsaken Oracle product, and has now reached completion with the arrival of a new laptop and an unwillingness to install RVM again.

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Converting and preserving Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book

tl;dr The Markdown source of Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book is available on Github, there are Epub and Mobi versions on the Github Releases list, and you can read an online copy of the book on my website.

It started out as an attempt to read Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book over the Christmas period. It turned into a epic mission of grep, sed, and awk, and a few blisters.

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