Go Slice Visualiser

I’ve been learning Go recently; it’s been fun.

An interesting aspect of Go is Slices, which are lightweight views of an array. Why these are useful and necessary makes more sense when you understand Go’s pass-by-value semantics.

Whilst playing with slices, I put together a little visualiser to help understand their behaviour (the act of building it was probably more useful than the end result).

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Rails production 500 error page showing in dev

We’re sorry, but something went wrong!

I’ve been seeing some strange behaviour on the development environment for On the Game recently. I’ve just spent an hour combing through every line of code that varies from a standard Rails app, and I’ve finally found the issue. I’m putting it here for posterity.

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Learning. It ain't hard.

“I don’t have enough free time to learn a new language!”, or tool, or framework, etc. I hear this often. I appreciate we all handle things differently, but here’s my take on it.

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Rhino Licensing

Rhino Licensing is an open-source licensing framework by Ayende Rahien, and it grew out of his frustration with other license providers while creating NHibernate Profiler.

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NDC 2010

NDC 2010 was a huge success, if you ask me. This was largely down to the NDC team, who deserve all the praise they’re getting (and much more). Unlike conferences I’ve been to in the past, NDC was truely by the people, for the people. Scott Bellware put it much better than I could, with his praise for Norwegian Developers (and Kjersti Sandberg). Herself and the rest of the team were there because they wanted to be, not because they had to. The whole attitude surrounding this conference was one of learning, not plugging products or motives.

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